Secure Access alarm systems typically consist of the following items and components:

  • 2x Beam Sensors (more if extra zones are required)
  • Keypad alarm control panel
  • Key fob access (if required)
  • 110db sounder alarm bell
  • GSM wireless alert system linked to mobile phone network

Our alarms are battery operated and self conatined inside one unit and require no mains power. The systems are installed in minutes and can be activated or de-activated via a code entered into the control panel, via your mobile phone or by key fob. The alarm panels are sealed inside a tamper-proof locakable box that is both robust and waterproof and can be installed externally or internally.

The sensors have a high threshold tolerance and cannot be triggered by natural occurrences such as wind, rain, snow and even small animals. This is fundamentally an essential part of the kit that avoids unnecessary false alarms to occur.

Alarm Control Panel
Sounder Bell (110db)
SMS Intrusion Alerts

When installing one of our alarm systems our engineer takes great care to position the equipment at points of entry and in plain sight, this is done to act as an immediate deterent to any would-be intruder.

Typically our alarm systems are installed on the first boarded lift of scaffolds or positioned next to ladder exits as these are the obvious first points of access for intruders.

Should the scaffold consist of many different recesses or returns, we can simply add multiple alarm sensors to flood the entire area, thus leaving no area or zone undetectable.

Although current legislation allows a maximum bell time of up to 20 minutes, these are often ignored and considered a nuisance. Our scaffold alarm bell times are usually limited to between 2-5 minutes, so as not to cause a nuisance, but long enough to scare the intruder away, ensuring immediate protection after the initial alarm activation.

* Other services that we offer are Satellite Re-positioning and various external lighting setups. Please call to discuss this service.

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